Key figures



    • €4,92Bn operating profit
    • + 8,5% increase in dividend per share
    • + 6,5% earnings per share in 2018


    • 1st company in Europe in terms of gender equality in Equileap ranking
    • Top 10 L’Oréal is in the Top 10 of the Thomson Reuters Diversity and Inclusion index
    • 1st share ownership plan
    • 22,000 employees have been trained in digital technologies thanks to the digital upskilling plan

INDICATORS 2018 « Sharing Beauty With All »

    • 79% of new products in 2018 have an improved environmental or social profile¹
    • -77% reduction in CO2 emissions in absolute value in plants and distribution centres since 2005
    • -48% reduction in water consumption since 2005
    • -37% reduction in waste generation since 2005
    • 3A ratings from CDP² for reducing carbon emissions, managing water sustainably and protecting forests in the supply chain

    • 88% of brands have assessed their environmental or social impact
    • 63,584 people from socially or economically disadvantaged communities gained access to employment
    • 83% of the Group’s strategic suppliers³ have been assessed and selected on the basis of their environmental and social performance

    • 96% of the Group’s permanent employees have health insurance in line with best practices in their country of residence⁴

      ¹ New products, i.e. those for which new formulas have been developed and which are produced for the first time in the Group’s factories, or products whose packaging was modified or renovated in 2018.

      ² CDP is an independent international organisation which assesses companies’ environmental performance.

      ³ Strategic suppliers are suppliers whose added value is significant for the Group by contributing sustainably to L’Oréal’s strategy by their weight, their innovations, their strategic alignment and their geographical deployment.

      ⁴ This corresponds to 100% of employees covered by the L’Oréal Share & Care programme (permanent employees of the Group, excluding in some countries part-time contracts <21 hours/week, beauty advisors and boutique employees, given that the integration of recent acquisitions and new subsidiaries is a gradual process).


    • 1,2Bn visits to our websites¹
    • 350M million followers on our social networks²


    • €3Bnof sales in e-commerce
    • 11% of consolidated sales from e-commerce - L’Oréal’s second “country”¹
    • +40,6%like-for-like growth in e-commerce sales in 2018

      ¹ Source: Google Analytics data - L'Oréal accounts.

      ² Source: Worldwide social networks data.

    ¹ Sales achieved on our brands’ own websites + estimated sales achieved by our brands corresponding to sales through our retailers’ websites (non-audited data).

    ² Like-for-like: based on a comparable structure and identical exchange rates.


    • 505patents filed in 2018
    • €914M i.e 3.4% of sales, invested in Research & Innovation
    • 21research centres spread across 6 regional hubs, 3 global centres in Europe
    • 14evaluation centres


    • 40Production sites
    • 38 Carbon-neutral sites in 2018, including 12 factories
    • 100Quality verifications on average for each product