Protecting You Against Counterfeit Goods


As the global leader in beauty, we take great pride in creating products that millions of people enjoy every day. We know our success depends on consumers trusting that our products are safe, effective and of the highest quality. We take this responsibility seriously and it is why L’Oréal employs a comprehensive brand protection program to prevent counterfeit and diverted goods from entering the market.

Counterfeit and diversion represents a growing problem across the beauty industry that not only undermines consumer confidence, but also has the potential to cause serious harm.

  • What is counterfeiting? Counterfeiting occurs when criminals illegally manufacture and distribute goods that look like, but are inferior to, a genuine item with the purpose of misleading consumers.
  • What is diversion? Diversion is the unauthorized sale of genuine products. It occurs when third-party collectors accumulate inventory and sell it to retailers or other parties who are not our contracted partners.

What is L’Oréal doing to prevent this? L’Oréal’s robust anti-counterfeiting program, led by former federal law enforcement officials, aims to mitigate the presence of fake products on the market. We work with multiple stakeholders to raise awareness and provide education on identifying counterfeit goods. All with the ultimate goal of protecting unsuspecting consumers.

  • We establish strong partnerships with Customs and Border Protection and with local, state and federal authorities. As the global leader in beauty, we are able to share deep industry expertise and offer training as these groups enforce against illegal counterfeiting and conduct related investigations.
  • We monitor for counterfeit activity in physical locations and online. When we identify counterfeit activity, we contact law enforcement as warranted and take legal action to protect our consumers and our brands.
  • We participate in regular conversations with our industry peers, including through membership in the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC). Through this forum, we share information about recent beauty counterfeiting trends and successes.