Once upon a time, the first "lifestyle" alternative brand


The story of a man: Renzo Rosso was born in 1955 in Padua, in the north east of Italy. When he was young, he borrowed a pair of flares from his mother.

They proved instantly popular with his friends who all wanted a pair, and thus a clothing pioneer was born.

He began designing his own clothes in 1975, after graduating from an art and fashion college.

He founded the DIESEL company in 1978 with the aim of quickly establishing the brand as the market leader in terms of originality, creativity and energy.

His fashion targets hip and trendy non-conformists for whom personality is expressed in clothing style. DIESEL is more than a brand, it is an alternative lifestyle.

Wear DIESEL and you will have all you need for successful living: you will belong to a positive and hedonistic community which cultivates irony and unconventionality and provides an escape from everyday reality.

Did you say "Diesel"? It is a short and easy word to pronounce in any language and, as the founder says, while diesel may be slow to get going once it does, it quickly picks up energy and keeps going for much longer.

It was thus necessary to wait until 1991 to see the DIESEL brand reach the top and compete with the huge brand that is Levis. Today the DIESEL"motor" is running at full speed with 5000 points of sales and 400 stores in 80 countries.

Its secret ? Freedom. That means to go beyond trends and look for inspiration all over the world.

Representing urban culture, DIESEL style is focused on creating luxury “used” jeans.

Long hours are required to produce one pair: the jeans are washed, then rewashed, rubbed with glass paper, sprayed with potassium, and oven-baked...

For the last few years the brand has been concentrating on creating a new vision of fashion: the haute couture of ready-to-wear.

In short, DIESEL embodies an eccentric paradise that melds refinement, provocation and humor. The brand fuels itself by constantly evolving, and in 2007 offered its first fragrance.

DIESEL fragrance creations distinguish themselves by virtue of their construction which is clear, direct, joyous, and often fun.

DIESEL re-exploits the classic codes of perfumery with a modern twist to create original fragrances that are full of character. These fragrances are multi-faceted, colorful and often unconventional.