After the resounding success of Jean Bousquet's emblematic piece in the beginning of the 1960s, Cacharel was one of the first fashion houses to introduce the Ready-to-Wear concept as an alternative line to Haute Couture. Cacharel, who is always ahead of its time, has been able to keep its fresh, young and dynamic image.


Cacharel has been present for every stage of young women's life following the success of its first legendary perfume, Anaïs Anaïs. From the ultra-feminine Anaïs Anaïs to the love at first sight of Amor Amor, from the refined purity of Noa... Cacharel embodies all of life's precious moments with tenderness, sass and dynamism. Cacharel, an intimate brand, offers young women an expression of their deepest emotions.

30 years of creation, 30 years of strong emotions...Cacharel perfumes are present for every stage of a young women's life.

Anaïs Anaïs: This perfume is legendary. Its scent, a revolution at the time of its creation in 1978, centered around a the lily flower, both innocent and mysterious with marked after-notes. The perfume, in a white opaline bottle has became the symbol of romance and tenderness. The first high-end perfume.

Amor Amor : the first love, passion and longing, colorful and young. The bottle is a beating heart, a grenade that is we set off in an explosion of passion. Its fruity-floral fragrance is a true statement.