SoftSheen.Carson provides people of color with superior, tailor-made and safe beauty products to allow them express their personality in full confidence.

SoftSheen•Carson Model

For decades, Softsheen and Carson had a similar and powerful vision: to help people of color celebrate their unique, highly individual looks and styles through the most innovative products specially designed for their needs. As a leader of the multiethnic hair care industry, SoftSheen-Carson has stopped at nothing to give their consumers the largest array of scientifically-advanced beauty tools.

SoftSheen-Carson’s attention to specific needs of their consumers’ many types and textures of hair have rendered the brand as a staple in the African American, Latino and multiethnic communities as well as among hair stylists and dermatologists.

With emphasis placed on innovation, Softsheen-Carson has secured it’s place in the market as experts along with the help of scientists, biologists, and physicists at the Softsheen-Carson Laboratories, where advanced research is conducted to bring consumers products of the highest quality that are safe, reliable and guaranteed to provide great results.

We believe everyone should be able to celebrate her or his beauty with confidence and flair. And for people of color that means they should be able to express how they want to look, and, ultimately, who they uniquely want to be.

As a provider of premiere products, SoftSheen-Carson continues to unveil breakthrough hair innovations, including its latest introductions under the Dark and Lovely megabrand: Au Naturale, which caters to the naturally curly consumer and 6 Week Anti-Reversion, a line that focuses on extending the time between relaxing. Optimum Salon Haircare has added the Amla Legend Oil collection, which combines western technology with century old eastern beauty secrets. Magic Shave also continues to serve as the top choice of African American men for their hair removal needs.

As a combination of heart, soul and science, SoftSheen-Carson helps men, women and children to define and express their beauty on their own terms.