Color&Co personalized haircolor, a revolutionary approach to at-home hair color


Through a truly personalized experience, Color&Co customers are able to achieve precise at-home color results, supported by on-demand colorist consultation and expert advice. With a personalized formula specially mixed for each individual customer, Color&Co promises exceptional color and near limitless possibilities.






Step 1: Get a personalized consultation from the comfort of your own home.

The Color&Co experience begins with a visit to , where you can engage in a live video consultation from an independent, licensed professional colorist, who will talk to you about your hair type and color goals. Customers who prefer to forego the live experience can take the color quiz.


Step 2: Co-create your own personalized hair color.

Color&Co analyzes your unique hair profile and desired results. This in-depth analysis allows colorists to understand each client’s unique hair qualities, including length, texture, and overall health, then selects the base color and adjusts depth & tone to create a unique custom blend.


Step 3: Receive your unique Colorbox direct to your door.

Within days, your personalized Color&Co Colorbox arrives with a custom-blended formula and personalized application instructions.


From the formulation to the personal label, each Colorbox is designed just for you. The results speak for themselves: nourished, shiny, soft hair with long-lasting color.  One of a kind - just like you!