CeraVe is the dermatologist-recommended skincare brand that contains three essential ceramides to restore skin’s natural barrier. Since the creation of the brand in the USA in 2005, every CeraVe product has been developed with leading dermatologists. The brand now offers a range of skincare products, especially cleansers, moisturizers and healing ointments. The products are highly effective and non-irritating, while remaining accessible, affordable and simple. They answer various skin issues that affect quality of life. 

The success of CeraVe is based on formulas combining 3 essential ceramides (ceramides 1, 3 et 6-II). Ceramides are lipids (oils) found naturally in skin and are essential in supporting the skin barrier and retaining moisture. Without ceramides, skin can become dry, itchy, or irritated. Ceramide loss or altered composition are associated with numerous skin concerns, which is why CeraVe is positioned to address a variety of skin issues ranging from dry skin to eczema and acne.

Thanks to a revolutionary delivery patented technology, the Multivesicular Emulsion (MVE), which releases continuously active moisturizing ingredients, the hydration is sustained during the day with just one use. 

CeraVe is one of the fastest growing skincare brand in the United States(1). More than 20 CeraVe products have been recommended by the National Eczema Association. Among them, the Moisturizing cream is the most recommended products by dermatologist in the US.(2) 


CeraVe’s mission is to develop formulas with dermatologists that help replenish, restore, and optimize the skin barrier while delivering elegant texture experiences for users around the world.

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Skincare Market= Baby HBC, Bath Products, Bar & Liquid Soaps, Cosmetic Removers, Facial Cleansers & Moisturizers, Ethnic Beauty Care, First Aid, Foot Care Grooming, Hand & Body Lotion, Suntan Products
2) ProVoice US data report of market moving annual totals from Q1 2016 - Q1 2017 for facial and body moisturizers.