La Roche-Posay Launches SKINCHECKER Campaign to Raise Awareness for Skin Cancer

La Roche-Posay - SKINCHECKER Campaign

If diagnosed early enough, 90% of melanoma cases can be treated effectively. Yet only 18 percent of Americans have their moles checked by a dermatologist at least once a year and 26 percent have never even checked their own moles.

With melanoma cases on the rise, La Roche-Posay has been working to raise public awareness about the growing epidemic and the importance of sun protection measures such as regular skin checks and daily sunscreen usage.

On April 1st, the US La Roche-Posay team kicked off this year’s #SkinCheckerUS campaign, joining the brand in 30 other countries in the effort to educate consumers and change sun care behavior worldwide. At the campaign’s launch event at L’Oreal USA’s New York headquarters, Angela Bennett, VP of La Roche-Posay, presented the results of a global sun safety survey conducted in partnership with Ipsos, a world leading research firm to a room full of health and wellness editors and bloggers.

The survey spanned 20,000 people across 23 countries and uncovered sun safety behavior worldwide, highlighting where the U.S. stands from a global perspective. According to the study, although 92% of the worldwide population is aware that unprotected sun exposure can cause health problems, 52% has never had their moles checked by a dermatologist.

Dr. Mona Gohara, a Board-certified dermatologist, spoke at the event, using an audience member to provide a tutorial on how to both self-check and check others for suspicious moles. “Empowering people to check themselves [for signs of skin cancer] and educating them about how easy it is, is the most important thing we can do,” explained Dr. Gohara. “The message that La Roche-Posay is spreading with the SkinChecker campaign is literally a matter of life and death. All you need for an at-home skin check is your eyes and the motivation to do it.”

La Roche-Posay’s SKINCHECKER campaign aims to empower every individual to play a proactive role in the skin cancer screening process. To spread the message, the brand created the above video featuring adorable Dalmatian puppies checking each other’s spots. The goal? To encourage men and women to get professional skin checks, and empower them to become skin checkers.

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