L’Oréal USA raises money for pediatric cancer research

L'Oreal USA Facilities Across the Country Hold Bake Sales

This Valentine’s Day, 20 L’Oréal USA facilities across the country raised over $27,000 for pediatric cancer research by hosting bake sales to benefit Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Employees baked over 5,000 cookies, cakes, and other treats and volunteered to help plan and facilitate this annual grassroots effort. All proceeds, an increase of $11,000 over 2012, were donated to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, a not-for-profit organization committed to supporting research for new and improved therapies for pediatric cancers. Through local bake sales, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer provides the inspiration and support for individuals, communities, and businesses to help fight pediatric cancer.

“Volunteerism is a core value at L’Oréal and we are so pleased to give back to a cause that’s so important,” said Rebecca Caruso, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications and External Affairs, L’Oréal USA.

“At Cookies for Kids' Cancer, we believe in the power of people. In the first 4 years, we granted nearly $4 million to pediatric cancer research thanks to the ongoing efforts of individuals and businesses,” explained Gretchen Holt Witt, founder of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. “L’Oréal USA has been a great partner and the enthusiasm and dedication of the employees is humbling and inspiring.” Holt Witt is a 2011 L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth Honoree.

This volunteer effort is just one of a number of volunteer activities L’Oréal USA undertakes throughout the year. In 2012, L’Oréal USA employees held a number of drives to support different organizations such as local food banks, schools and shelters. In addition, every year L’Oréal USA hosts an annual Employee Volunteer Day where nearly 3,000 employees across the country are invited to give back to their local communities. The volunteering program was extended in 2012 to include additional paid volunteer time throughout the year.