Ideala by Vichy

Ideala by Vichy

Every woman has a right to ideal skin. Whatever her age, skin type or skin colour: Welcome to IDEALIA science.

During an exploratory ethnographic study reaching all four corners of the world, we listened to women and these women in their own words, expressed one single dream: beyond wrinkles, beyond slackening... they wanted their ideal skin. Skin without visible pores, flaws, or wrinkles.

These women have a universal dream and the Vichy Laboratoires make it real with Idealia, the first skincare that gives you ideal skin. It refines from the very first month skin’s texture, evens out the complexion and smoothes wrinkles, for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

100% efficacy :Idealia contains 3% Kombucha, a biotechnological ingredient, naturally rich in AHA, Vitamins, Probiotics and Polyphenols, that restores your skin layer by layer, cell by cell, to reproduce the behavior of a perfect healthy skin. 100% pleasure : a dreamy texture, rich and velvety-smooth, an addictive scent, for flawlessly radiant skin, day after day. 100% tolerance : a unique safety charter for a hypoallergenic formula, paraben-free, tested under dermatological control, enriched with Vichy Thermal Spa Water.

Now meet the face of ideal skin: Marie-AngeCasta, the quintessence of sensitive-skin at its healthiest and most beautiful. Having inherited hyper-sensitive skin, she has always used specially-formulated skincare treatments for dry, reactive skin available in pharmacies.