The Foundation supports "Opération Sourire"

For the third year running, the L'Oréal Foundation supported "Opération Sourire", a reconstructive surgery programme led by Médecins du Monde.


Created 20 years ago, this programme aims to reconstruct the faces of people who have been disfigured by war, disease or malnutrition. Even more than physical reconstruction, surgery enables people excluded because of their disability to regain their dignity, identity and social life.

The programme involves short-term surgery assignments carried out by volunteer surgeons. In 2011, over 1,000 operations were performed in Asia and Africa thanks to the Foundation's support. In addition to the operations themselves, the programme provides training for local surgeons and post-operative surgical care for children. “The L’Oréal Foundation's support gave new impetus to the programme," says Dr. François Foussadier, a volunteer surgeon and founder of Opération Sourire. “We are assisted by people who believe in it, want to help us and play a key role in developing our assignments. The support is not only financial, but psychological and moral as well.”

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