Less solvent for pro-xylane

The processes used to obtain this active ingredient, a natural sugar derivative extracted from beech wood, are constantly improving with a view to reducing the quantity of waste generated.

Less solvants for Pro-Xylane

Since 1999, the Research teams have placed the principles of green chemistry at the core of their eco-design approach, redefining their methods year after year.
In 2011, they improved the processes used to obtain Pro-Xylane, a natural sugar derivative extracted from beech wood. By reducing the quantity of solvents used, its “E-factor” (the quantity of waste generated by each product quantity) was reduced still further to 4.9 (compared to 13 in 2006 and 6.6 in 2009): a performance regarded as remarkable by the experts.

Key Figures

  • 20 times less waste compared to the 2003 process

Expert Section

For more information on this topic, see the GRI data sheets: