BB Cream by Garnier

BB Cream by Garnier

Until today it was only a hope...

Now Garnier offers A SIMPLE and EFFICIENT beauty gesture: BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector

At last an all in one skincare for an IMMEDIATE result.

A beauty secret coming from Asia which combines the best of skincare with the best of make up in only one gesture.

What lies behind the initials BB? A Blemish Balm, created in the 1950's by a German dermatologist, and featuring amazing properties to soothe skin and conceal after dermatological procedures.

Discovered by a Korean film star renowned for her perfect skin, BB cream created a huge buzz that peaked in Korea five years ago. In a country where women layer an average of seven products, BB Cream became incredibly popular and is now massively successful across Asia.

Garnier is now initiating a BB wave in Europe by launching the first affordable BB cream specially formulated for Caucasian skin.

The formula for Garnier's BB Cream features an exclusive bridge technology that allies the best of skin care with the benefits of make-up. A new generation of skin care that instantly delivers multiple benefits in a single gesture!

So what is Garnier BB Cream’s formulation secret?

Its formula contains hyaluronic acid microspheres that break on the skin upon application to provide 24-hour comfort and hydration. Vitamin C reactivates glow and radiance at once. The right amount of mineral pigments has been added to the formula to instantly melt on skin for a natural-looking, flawless second-skin result.

Five benefits in a single gesture - that’s the claim for BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector by Garnier:

Evens the complexion

Corrects fine lines and blemishes

Revives radiance

24-hour hydration

SPF 15 UV Protection

A smart, practical solution to simplify women’s everyday lives!