Fuel for life denimcollection by Diesel

Fuel For Life, denim collection by Diesel

DIESEL returns to his true roots with this new youth elixir for the jeans generation.

For DIESEL, FUEL FOR LIFE DENIM COLLECTION is something new and a return to its roots at the same time.

Time for a flashback on the legendary and still fresh masterpiece cloth.

Like someone who's been poured into 5-pocket denim, the bottle is hugged by stonewashed, raw-seam blues (for him) and lighter denim (for her) stamped with the famous diesel label.

Two new fragrances give a boost to the senses. They are fresh and sexy, and fit like a great pair of jeans. Their base notes recall the unique fuel for life signature:

For him - Woody citrus

A sexy, energetic youth potion with the freshness of aromatic citrus, plus a one-two punch of lavender and dry wood for a modern touch. A perfume that fits like a great pair of jeans.

For her - A woody floral

A sexy, energetic youth potion with the freshness of raspberry and jasmine petals, plus the sensual, modern touch of dry wood and ambergris.

Fuel For Life Denim Collection

The Fragrance for a generation of rebels without a cause.

The campaign is positively fun and full of life, true to the fragrance. The spots were shot by the young and talented Melina Matsoukas who already has the music videos of Beyoncé, Rihanna and Lady Gaga under her belt.

The top models Marloes Horst and Marlon Teixeira are spotted playing a game of seduction...