Fleur d’Osmanthus by Roger&Gallet

Fleur d'Osmanthus by Roger&Gallet

It all began with a daring bet: creating the perfume of Happiness. Today, it has become a promise. The promise of letting you savour the sensory experience of Happiness.

The new fragrance from Roget &Gallet you into a garden of Eden of China, the discovery of a mysterious and rare flower of happiness.

A rare and precious shrub grows near vast plateaus covered as far as the eye can see with terraced fields. Osmanthus. Its seeds take two years to sprout. And there is an explosion of scents when the clusters of delicate apricot-tinted white flowers appear. This tiny heart releases a swirl of smooth and colourful floral notes. Somewhere between juicy apricot flesh and silky peach skin, osmanthus has a fragrant, stress-reducing and uplifting aroma.